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It’s in every second of every day of our lives. It drives our emotions, sometimes to extremes. Depression, Love, Happiness and even our Freedom. Here at UBSN we feel that the best music is not what you find on the big commercial broadcast stations. That music is driven by money and fame. We feel that if you want to hear the best music from the best musicians you have to listen to the ones that are only in it for the music and not the money. The little guys, the working mom’s and dad’s. That go to work at a job all day and then go be a rock star in the evenings and on the weekends. 

That’s the kind of music we play here, real music by real people from all around the world.


Tech News

While the term “Tech News” is pretty broad what we mean by it is FOSS News. We believe in and use Free and Open Source Software everyday. We love Linux (debian mostly) and even run this station on it. The site is run on WordPress, the stream is using icecast and in the studio we are running IDJC on Elementary OS Luna with Jack, JackRack and Jamin for the audio. 

We will cover other platforms besides Linux because cross platform is really the way to go because, to quote a famous Belgian podcaster named Knightwise, Let the computer work for you not the other way around.